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 西安天厚洁能公司创建于1992年,是一家专业从事油液质量检测与滤清产品研发、生产、销售的高新技术企业。 在董事长张钢柱先生的带领下,目前天厚洁能旗下有西安天厚电子技术有限责任公司和西安天厚滤清技术有限责任公司两大子公司。 
    Tianhou Electronic-Technology Co.,Ltd Founded in 1992,THY series oil quality analyzers won praised by insiders in lubrication management. The China Press, People's Daily Overseas Edition and China News has reported and sung high praise for our oil analyzers. 
    After painstaking for more than one decade, we have developed nine oil analyzer models widely applying in oil wells, ports, airports, transportation, machinery and scientific agencies. We have collected over ten categories or 300 types of reference indexes for residual oil, as contributed much to the theory of changing oil according to quality. 
In 1992, the company's R & D THY series of oil quality detector filled the gap, the technical indicators are more than similar foreign products. The products come out a fundamental solution to the "oil-for-that should not be" a long-standing problem of equipment management problems, change "oil on a regular basis" to "quality by oil." 
    In 2004, the company with the United States pre-filter Boston Co., Ltd. to jointly develop the production of "clean to guarantee" clean diesel series, widely used in oil fields, a fishing port, all kinds of diesel vehicles and construction machinery and other areas in the world in the field of energy-saving product development Caused a great sensation. The product not only in the pre-filtering technology has made a major breakthrough, at the same time effectively protect the engine, reducing maintenance costs and reduce exhaust emissions, fuel-efficient 5-10%, with good separation of oil and water features.
    With constant efforts in lubricant management, THY series oil analyzers the company produces have realized lubricant replacement according to quality, as is acknowledged by the society. In 2000, THY-20C passed technology achievement appraisal by Lanzhou Military Command, noted as a domestic pioneer in moisture check and intellectual tool with comprehensive technology indexes exceeding similar domestic and overseas products. In 2001, it won the second prize for technology progress in the military system of China, patents in China including one invention patent and three design patents. It introduced CIS in the same year. In 2002, the company passed Hi-tech Enterprise Authentication. In 2003, its products flocked into international market and were exported to countries in Europe, USA, Middle East and Southeast Asia etc.
    Relying on scientific management, advanced technology, quality products, the company has explored broad market. Its employees are always making efforts to realize lubricant replacement based on quality and resources saving in a more prudent attitude and active spirits of exploration. It will benefits the society with quality hi-tech products.



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